November was an interesting month. A month which will probably start testing the mettle of equity investors. There are a lot of investors who have come in to the wild ride of equities after seeing the crazy returns of the past 18-odd months.

This was one of those odd months where Small Cap showed more resilience whereas other indices fell sharper.

IIFL has an interesting report whereby they show how FIIs sold most in the banking space, while remaining enthusiastic about IPOs on the whole. And what a month it was for IPOs which meant some new stocks found their way into the mutual fund portfolio, most prominent of which were FSN E-commerce Ventures (Nykaa), One97 Communication (Paytm), PB Fintech (Policy Bazaar), Go fashion and Latent Analytics.

So, here is how the index movements looked.

Check out how the portfolios of the top 10-by-AUM funds in different categories stack up against each other.

Large Cap Funds

Flexi Cap Funds

Focused Funds

Large & Mid Cap Funds

Mid Cap Funds

Small Cap Funds

In case, you are curious what brought about this segment on the blog or how is this analysis even being done, then check out the introduction post where I go into all those details.