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About Elementum Money

Elementum, a Latin word is often used to describe the five base elements of nature – fire, water, earth, wind or space. These five elements are the constituents of almost everything around us.

Elementum Money started out with an aim to talk about just one thing – money, one word which has the potential to make people feel a myriad of emotions and which also forms a core constituent in all our lives.
People believe money is simply a matter of facts and numbers. However, recent research suggests money is a much more integral and very emotional aspect of our lives. We learn what we see, and our experience through our life defines our financial mindset, spending habits and even how we feel about money.

Gradually I realized, that money and the way we act towards it can be modified by two more things – the wisdom of people through books and a quest to continually improve ourselves.

Elementum Money is a place that houses these three core pillars – Money, Books and Personal Growth, all seen through the lens of a woman. When you follow this blog, every week you can expect a post each about Personal Finance and Personal Growth (except on the weeks that I lose the battle to laziness or other commitments). Every two weeks, there will also be a post about learnings from a book, alternately from either category.


While I have always been a Bibliophile, this blog signifies for me the fact that you must keep an open mind. Finance and Personal Growth were two areas that I looked at with utter disdain. Finance bored me, and I thought I was too good for Personal Growth.

For a long time, “Finance” has been the F-word in my life that I have quietly tiptoed around. Just when I was determined to keep my distance from the world of Finance and Banks, I got an offer to join as a marketing manager at India’s largest private bank. I very nearly gave it up, but then they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I joined the bank, started understanding financial products better and finally over the years ended up reading a lot on Personal Finance. One bank later and well in my second bank stint, my quest was still on, and I enrolled in completed the Certified Financial Planning course. While that gave me the numbers for the game, the softer aspects were still missing. The idea of combining the basics of financial planning with the essential money matters of the heart led to the rise of Elementum Money.

As for Personal Growth, the first time my now-husband mentioned “The Secret” I gave it an honest try and found it wanting, not that I was open to the idea either. Then a few years back I read “Secrets of the subconscious mind” which became my Eureka moment for the importance of reading non-fiction. Now, I continue to remain on a healthy diet of Fiction (which leads to expanding on my imagination) and Non-Fiction (which has led to growth in me as a person).