The Perils Of Social Media Addiction

The Perils of Social Media Addiction

  Have you ever wondered how many times you check your social media feeds? How many social media networks are you on, anyway? Is that the first thing you do every morning and before sleeping at night? Are you able to talk to a person in real life without peeking at your phone to check […]

Book Club - Deep Work 1

Book Club – Deep Work (Part 1)

For some time now, I have been a fan of podcasts. A few months back, on one of the productivity podcasts, I heard an interview with Cal Newport talking about his new book – Deep Work. In the podcast, he defined what Deep Work meant and how his book talked about rules for focused work […]

7 Reasons Why Multitasking Is Bad For You

7 Reasons Why Multitasking Is Bad For You

  For years, I have been a firm believer of multi-tasking, be it listening to music and studying, watching TV shows while cooking, reading while watching TV or writing an email while talking on the phone. I have always believed that it is all about filling in one minute with 60 seconds of productivity and […]

Why We Need Self Development

Why We Need Self-Development

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you might be wondering if a section on self-development is even required? Well, I can’t blame you because until some time back I often thought to myself that it is a fake genre with no substance to it.     My evolution towards self-development I have […]