Complete Guide to Procrastination

Complete guide to Procrastination

  For me, my memory of being incessantly told by my parents to start studying earlier instead of going crazy at examination time is still fresh. Even today, they are well aware that some important tasks I end up leaving to the last minute, especially things like income tax return. It’s now become a ritualistic […]

My Favorite Personal Finance Ads

  Being a marketer for a bank, I end up looking at competition communication often. I have always loved advertisements, especially the witty and insightful ones. I realized that I am yet to come across any Personal Finance blogger talking about some of the wonderful work done by the industry so far and decided to […]

The Influence of Peer Groups in our Life

The Influence of Peer Groups

  As a kid, my parents were always concerned about my friends and the company that I kept. I never really understood why it took up such a major mindshare for them and why they were always so concerned about it. However, there is enough and more research now to show the impact that peer […]