100th blog post and a little bit about me

100th Blog Post… And more about me

  And it’s a century! Yes, this is my 100th blog post and the ride has been quite something. These 100 posts have come about in a span of 8 months (with the first post on 2nd Oct 2017) with the planned schedule of Monday-Wednesday-Friday followed on most weeks. In all honesty, I have surprised […]

Varied Colors of Money

This is the week in 2018, when we Indians will celebrate my second favorite festival, after Diwali. In 2 days, it is the time to celebrate Holi, the beautiful festival of colors. Just like Diwali, it is also a celebration of good over evil, said evil being an aunt in the protagonist’s own family. However, […]

Happy New Year 2018

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last evening, just after the start of 2018, my husband turns to me and asks – “I don’t get it! What is the big deal about New Years anyway? Why do we need it and who came up with it anyway?” I surprised even myself with the answer I gave […]

A Christmas Wish List

Ho ho ho folks! It’s Christmas time. The idea of Christmas either came from watching Christmassy movies or reading multiple Enid Blyton movies. However, my introduction to the Indian Christmas came after being married into a Catholic family. The best part about marrying into a different culture? More occasions to celebrate. So now Christmas is all […]

Happy Diwali!

Happy (chhoti) Diwali, folks! While this year the festive season has been pretty dull in office, my excitement levels are finally at a fever pitch. Not only do I get to go home to Delhi today evening, I am flying Vistara for the first time. Little joys, you see. 🙂 Diwali is the favourite time […]