Before I start off on any analysis in this segment, even at the cost of a repetitive bore I will put forth this disclaimer. All fund schemes are taken as direct. However, even if you are a direct investor, hire a financial advisor that you trust who can guide with investments. Pay for your advice.

Fund category definition: Funds with no restriction on market cap allocation or number of stocks

Benchmark: Nifty 500 TRI with a change of 4.14{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} in March 2022 and a 1-year return of 22.29{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886}

Data as on: 31st March, 2022


The only change in AUM is the usual tussle and swap between ABSL and SBI.

As for the returns for the month, only HDFC, Parag parikh and Aditya Birla beat the benchmark. When it comes to 1-year returns, along with these three, SBI and Franklin get added to the tally.

When it comes to expense ratio, there is a 0.11{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} increase in HDFC and a 0.09{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} increase in Aditya Birla.

Market Cap Allocation

HDFC has increased it’s equity exposure slightly by mostly increasing it in Large Cap. Axis has taken the opposite path by reducing the equity exposure by almost 2{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886}, all through cutting down on Large Caps.

Top 5 sectors

For most funds, the top five sectors remain the same apart from some shuffling within themselves. There is one exception to this trend though.

In Aditya Birla, telecom has regained it’s spot at number five by not seeing much action. This shift has come at the cost of Metals & Mining where Hindalco sees a trim of 1.03{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} to land at 1.13{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886}.

Top 10 stocks & Movements

In HDFC, there is one big noticeable change with a brand new 2.58{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} position in HDFC Limited. This is also what has increased their equity exposure. What timing!

For Aditya Birla the major change is the one mentioned above with Hindalco getting a haircut.

In this Axis fund as well, Avenue Supermart sees a drop of 0.85{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886}, in a large part due to the drop in price.

Motilal Oswal has been the most happening for this section with three big moves. A trim of 0.96{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} in Maruti Suzuki and a 1.14{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} increase in Reliance Industries. The biggest change though is a complete exit from the 1.36{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} position in SBI Life Insurance.

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