Good Financial Cents

Follow Friday – Good Financial Cents

You know the best thing about being a blogger? Anybody can have an opinion, without necessarily having a degree or educational qualification to support their expertise in the field, and when done consistently over time, they end up being considered experts.   So, in the personal finance blogosphere, there are actually very few bloggers who […]

Complete Guide to Mutual Funds

Complete Guide to Mutual Funds

  Mutual Funds are today one of the most popular investment products in India. They are products which investors can enter into, even with less commitment of time or financial education per se. To make the deal even sweeter, they even carry lesser of a risk than individual stocks, though that ends up reducing the […]

Book Club - Nudge

Book Club – Nudge

  For a long time now, I have been a huge fan of podcasts. They make my commute much more entertaining and sometimes even enlightening.   One of my favorite podcasts has been Freakonomics radio. About a year back they recorded an episode called Big Returns from Thinking Small with two Strategists Owain Service and Rory […]

The Complete Guide to Loans

A Complete Guide To Loans

My first ever intensive brush with a financial product was with, as you guessed it, loans. I was a marketer for Home and Car Loans. I was fortunate enough to be with an employer where everyone working on a product HAD to be educated in it.   You might be thinking to yourself, ok Aparna, […]