July was a month when the FPIs were a little kinder and the net outflows were far more reduced than preceding few months. Of course that kindness eclipses considering what we have been seeing this month and the steady climb back of the market indices.

However, for me, it was good to see much more positives and greens in the portfolio as I worked on the analyses. Who is to say how much of the rally is a mirage and how much of it is on a sustainable bedrock of well-founded fundamentals. Might as well enjoy this party while it lasts.

Check out how all the major indices moved last month. While all other indices are in TRI or Total Returns Index mode (meaning stock dividends add to the returns), Sensex is plain jane Sensex.

Some points that popped out as I was working on the analysis.

One, quite a few funds have cut their positions in Reliance Industries. Sure there are a few contrarian ones that have gone ahead to increase it. That however, is a shadow against the reductions like Aditya Birla Sun Life Large & Mid Cap which slashed it from 9.09{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} to a far humbler 4.06{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886}.

Two, quite a few funds have trimmed their Software allocation a bit. HCL Tech, TCS and in some cases Infosys were the stocks getting a cut.

Three, another stock in the news was Bajaj Finance. The stock gained 33{76b947d7ef5b3424fa3b69da76ad2c33c34408872c6cc7893e56cc055d3cd886} just in the month of July. Irrespective of whether the fund had lost faith in the stock or stood rock solid by it, that allocation increased organically enough.

Four, some of the funds bought a little bit of digital stocks here and there considering the far more realistic values they are now trading at. But, the allocations remain fairly minimal.

Check out how the portfolios of the top 10-by-AUM funds in different categories stack up against each other.

Large Cap Funds

Flexi Cap Funds

Multi Cap Funds

Large & Mid Cap Funds

Mid Cap Funds

Small Cap Funds

In case, you are curious what brought about this segment on the blog or how is this analysis even being done, then check out the introduction post where I go into all those details.

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