Gamification of savings

Ever been addicted to a mobile game? I don’t know about you but I have been hooked multiple times to the extent that only uninstalling those gets my attention back to other aspects in my life, like my husband :). There is something about being able to collect more coins in Temple Run, crush more candies to go to the next level in Candy Crush Saga, serve more customers at Restaurant Dash or hunt just that one more Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

What if you could play at Savings like an addictive game? Click To Tweet

Confused? Let me explain.

After reading personal finance blogs and listening to multiple podcasts of some of my favourite personal finance experts, I have come to the conclusion that saving is a mindset. It really is all in the head. But, the head doesn’t make it any easy on us.

It is far easier to spend than save. The tables could turn if there was a reward or a sense of achievement attached to the simple habit of saving. Click To Tweet

Look at savings as game levels to be cleared and it will become a fun exercise

Consider this. In the month of October, you were able to put aside Rs. 3,000 into a different savings account which for all purposes is actually your “savings account”. Now, in November you want to climb to the next level.

Like our limb muscles and willpower, savings is something you improve on as you do more of it. Take it as a challenge. Can you build on your saving muscle? Click To Tweet

Can you tell yourself that “Now that I have already crossed the Rs. 3,000 level, I can go on to level 3,500”.

Another way in which I challenge myself is trying to do more with my money. So, if I told myself that something like a CFP examination fee would go out of my savings account, at the time that I have to actually make the payment, I make it out of my salary account and try to accommodate all the other spends also from the same kitty. Sure sometimes my heart tries to revolt, especially when in a mall or when I happen to open the Amazon shopping app. But, my savings muscle is growing stronger by the day and I am getting better at this game.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve in your attempt to save more every month? Let me know through your comments or email me at