Get rid of your money blocks

Growing up it was a very enjoyable, yet middle-class upbringing. I did not harbor any extreme views about money. I was neither money hungry and nor did I repel money. What I learnt and saw while growing up was that we have a pool of money which can be used to achieve the things that we choose to, when used judiciously.

However, when we look around especially in a country like ours it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about money per se. Haven’t we all grown up with expressions like – money is the root of all evil, rich people are greedy, never run after money. But what if the trouble is with our attitude towards money and not money itself? Haven’t we all seen enough and more people making good use of their money for themselves and the society? Then why do we shy away from thinking about money in a positive uplifting manner rather than demonizing it.

There is now a term to describe thoughts in your head that might hinder your ability to earn money – Money Blocks. These thoughts range from disgust to repulsion to downright guilt about earning money. Yet this directly conflicts with our financial goals that only money can help us fulfill. The result? A no-man’s land filled with frustration and distress.

Over the months as I have read more and more, I have realised some things about money which have helped me to resolve my money blocks.



Money can be used to do good

  1. Money can be used to do good: Almost every celebrity worth their salt spend a lot on charity. In fact India’s largest conglomerate, the Tatas have 2/3rd of their stock holding with the Tata Trust which is solely created to help those less fortunate.
  2. Money has shades of grey: A lot of people have been fed the story of how as soon as someone becomes rich, any morals or ideals go out of the window and out comes the evil I beg to differ. Money is not black or white and it has shades of grey. How everyone manages and deals with money is a very individual matter and it is absolutely wrong to paint everyone with the same brush.
  3. You are good enough: It is easy to tell yourself that there are many more people much better at what they do and that you do not deserve to earn more than what you already do. Not only does this dent self-confidence, it is bound to end up repelling money inflow as well.

Here, you must be wondering, “Ok, Aparna! Enough of the jabbering. I get it. I have a money block. But now what? What can I do to get rid of it?”. If those are indeed your thoughts, awesome! I love action-oriented readers :).


With anything psychological, you must know that any change will not happen overnight. Below are a few steps that can help in ensuring a more positive and abundance-filled mindset towards money:

  1. Identify your money block: Personally, my money block is chadar jitni badi, utne pair felao (spend as per your means). But what if I could turn it on it’s head to say – armaan jitney bade, utni chadar felao (earn as per your dreams). So, just grab a piece of paper and a pen and note down whatever you think about money – good and bad. Categorise them and then separate the negative thoughts out.
  2. Focus on the biggest money block first: Ask yourself the origin for the thought. Is it something you have grown up listening to? Have you seen frequent conflicts between people around money? Probe deeply to zero in on your reason to think like that.

    Negative self talk about money can bring you down

  3. Catch your self talk before it crystallises: Self talk is a double-edged sword. It can either egg you on to great heights or it can take you down to the deepest trenches. Channelise your self talk to think only positively about money. Catch yourself when you see any of your money blocks trying to creep in through the cracks and keep your door firmly closed on them.
  4. Pay attention to your money: The day you realize that money is a positive aspect to life is the day that you will start paying more attention to your money. It might be a eureka moment or it might creep up on you slowly. But that is when you will respect money and the things it can do for you and the world.

So, what’s your money block and what are you doing about it?

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