Ho ho ho! Christmas is round the corner again. And that means it’s time for gifts from Santa, right? Even if we are no longer kids. There is really no upper age for getting gifts and more the occasions or excuses, better it is.

With this blog, I started this tradition last year onwards of drafting my own wishlist of gifts for the coming year, albeit with a little twist. All these gifts are those that money can’t buy. Ironic, considering it is on a money blog called Elementum Money!

Let me start with coming clean on how well the wishes from last year have been fulfilled, followed by what I need as my wishlist for the coming year 2019.

Report card for 2018

Wake up at 6 am every morning

The first thing on my wishlist was the hope of waking up by 6 a.m. considering I realised how productive waking early in the morning is for me. Alas, I have still not been very successful at it. Getting up in the morning remains a struggle and I continue to work hard at it.

Verdict: Fail

Keep away from distractions

Time management has not been a forte with me and I have often found myself binging on not very productive activities like watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. Considering how ambitious I am with goals at multiple levels and in multiple directions, the need to cut down on distractions was obvious. I like to believe that I have been quite successful with this by uninstalling the entertainment apps on my iPad. There was a period of a few months where I did watch some series like The Middle and Scrubs but most days my time spent on entertainment was limited to one hour. Neither do I feel the urge to watch a series even if multiple people around me are raving about it. And, I have uninstalled those apps from my iPad yet again!

Verdict: Successful

More patience

Big changes, long turnaround time equals requirement of more patience. The ability to breathe deeply, calm down and rewire to expect slower changes is not common or easy. I am getting there but it is still work in progress.

Verdict: Work in progress

Keep distance from sugar

If keeping distance from sugar automatically implies weight loss then no, I have not been successful. However, I believe I have evolved when it comes to sugar addiction. I am happy to moderate and ensure I indulge only extremely selectively. If I believe the quality is not great, I choose not to eat it. I have also methodically tried to reduce the availability of my Achilles heel a.k.a chocolate in the house. So, yeah, as compared to 2017, I would say I have kept my distance from sugar in 2018.

Verdict: Successful

Ahead of technology

The verdict is still out on this one. I am still not the best at technology but with the limited time on hand I have tried and succeeded at quite a few things this year. Some achievements that I count are an email magnet of a Financial Feminist check list, which I believe was interesting and a free email course as a sign up to the Elementum Money email newsletter. So, strides have definitely been made even though the pace of it has slowed down in the second half of the year.

Verdict: Work in progress

Wish list for 2019

Considering the progress and the changes in 2018, I have my wish list for the coming year drawn right up:

More physical energy

With my new role as an Investment Counselor I have a target of 3 client meetings every day. I often wondered why sales is such a difficult profession apart from the stress of targets. Now I know just how draining and exhausting it can be. This year Santa really needs to bestow me with more physical energy to withstand the demands of my job.

Will power to batch write blog posts

Yet again a requirement of the new role where time is at a premium, I NEED to have some blog posts batch written to be able to have a smooth publishing schedule for Elementum Money. If I don’t, I am bound to have gaping holes in the Archive list, which I am not too proud of. Funnily enough, while I know it rationally, I have just not been able to summon the will power required to batch write a bunch of blog posts which I hope to do this year.

Better prioritisation

Oh, this is another big point. In my mind, it is like a roller coaster of the things I would like to accomplish and none of them ever know whose turn it will be. On the top of my mind, the list of things goes something like – devote time to my job, spend time with family, submit articles in time for freelance writing, write blog posts, edit travel photos, write my novel and write my travel log. Phew! Just listing them down has me panting in frustration. So, yeah, I wish I get some magic wand to prioritize on this list so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment on each of them.

Art of living one day at a time

I seem to have a problem of having my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds, mostly dreaming about how I see my future. While that is a great thing, it sometimes leads to frustration with the present and with the pace of progress. I do wish I get the ability to be mindful enough to live one day at a time.

Remain consistent with my bullet journaling

Bullet journaling has proven to be extremely beneficial for me by recording events of a day, listing the books I read as well as remembering to be grateful for something everyday. In the last one month, I almost gave up on spending time on it by letting in to the exhaustion from the new role. I wish I remain consistent with bullet journaling which has helped me stay grounded and avoid the overwhelm of everyday life.

Do you have a wish list for this Christmas? Are these monetary gifts that you have your eyes or things money can’t buy? Let me know in the comments below.