Why do you need Life Insurance

Life Insurance has always made me queasy considering it comes into action only after you die. I have always thought that selling Life Insurance is a particularly tricky job.   HOW DOES LIFE INSURANCE WORK In the event of death, a person needs an income substitution to continue providing for his/her loved ones.  Simply put, […]

Gamification of savings

Gamification of Savings

Ever been addicted to a mobile game? I don’t know about you but I have been hooked multiple times to the extent that only uninstalling those gets my attention back to other aspects in my life, like my husband :). There is something about being able to collect more coins in Temple Run, crush more […]

Happy Diwali!

Happy (chhoti) Diwali, folks! While this year the festive season has been pretty dull in office, my excitement levels are finally at a fever pitch. Not only do I get to go home to Delhi today evening, I am flying Vistara for the first time. Little joys, you see. 🙂 Diwali is the favourite time […]