Today, I have a slightly different topic to talk about although it is much in line with the objective of Elementum Money – making personal finance easy to understand. Presenting Moneyflix! Touted to be the world’s first financial movies platform, it aims to make the concept of finance interesting and binge watching enlightening.

What is Moneyflix?

Moneyflix is a new service with a pretty simple idea backing it up. Most financial education can be tedious and well sleep-inducing. With Moneyflix, financial content comes wrapped in our favourite medium –  Animated or bollywood style masala  movie.

With a storyline interspersed with concepts, Moneyflix makes for a good mix of entertainment and learning. Currently the platform is home to about 100 movies in three genres of Personal Finance, Investing and Trading. While there is a lot of free lunch on the website in terms of short 5-10 minute videos, the real meat is in the premium content with full length 30-90 minute videos. In fact, with the premium content you even get access to learning about complicated concepts like Fibonacci retracements and candlestick trading, wrapped in a glitzy fun, entertaining movie.

The platform aims to double its content in a short span of time and all existing members get access to any new content that is added.

Apart from movies, Moneyflix also believes in starting them young. Hence, they also have a constantly updating library of infographics aimed at children aged 12 and above.

Can you really learn from movies?

It is a valid concern to wonder whether a movie can end up distracting from the main objective of grasping information that your brain otherwise might reject. While there is no certification as an end game here, Moneyflix has come up with a few features on its technologically superior platform for better learning retention.

1. Voice notes

Moneyflix allows voice notes within a particular movie that you may be watching. So, in case you want to put in a personal point for something, you don’t even need to scramble for a pen or paper or even a word document. Considering how voice note is gaining in popularity on the basis of convenience, this is a might handy feature.

2. Discourages multi-tasking

There is enough and more research to prove that multi-tasking generally lowers the quality of focus on one or all of the tasks being worked upon. To ensure that you have all your attention on the screen, Moneyflix has a feature whereby as soon as the tab is changed the video pauses automatically. Pretty much like a teacher calling you have whispered conversations in class.

3. Multi-lingual subtitles

One of the challenges of financial education in our country is that it is overwhelmingly in English, yours truly being one of the culprits in this regard. While all movies on Moneyflix are in a mix of Hindi and English or Hinglish, sub-titles are meant to take care of widening the ambit through vernacular language. Currently, sub titles are available in Hindi, English and Telugu with plans to add Gujarati and Tamil. As of now, they do not plan to release dubbed versions of the movies.

How do I get to Moneyflix?

The Moneyflix desktop and mobile sites are all active now and you can get on to them by clicking the hyperlinked website name on this post. There is a user friendly mobile app available on Play Store with an iOS version scheduled to be launched by the end of this year.

 As for premium membership, you can choose to try it out for a month at Rs. 990 + GST or go full hog with Rs. 1990 + GST for a year, whereby you maintain access to the latest releases and expanded library.

Have you checked out Moneyflix yet? What did you make of the platform? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. This is a sponsored post but the views are endorsed by the author