Confused or intrigued by the title? Let me put your doubts to rest. This post is to announce an addition to the Elementum content family. Presenting Elementum Scribe. While I thought of initially writing a long pitch of a post, I have now decided to keep it pretty simple here. So, read along.

What is Elementum Scribe?

As I have made the transition from Marketing to Investing advice, I have realised the value of keeping myself updated with business news. Not only does it help to look and sound knowledgeable in client interactions but over a long term often disparate dots get connected in the head.

Before lockdown, I was quite content with simply reading the daily edition of the business newspaper Mint during my hour-long commute. But, as I began to depend more and more on digital sources, I had a sort of eureka moment. I realised there could be value if somebody could help navigate the deluge of web links, help hunt the silver needles of news worth knowing from the chaff of those that could be ignored, put multiple perspectives to a story at one-place and wrap it all up in a crisp 5-minute read. Within that, if I could lace a subtle sense of humor through the proceedings, nothing like it.

The bigger challenge though was to check if that is a sustainable ask to put out an update every morning, Monday to Friday. I am happy to report that for the last one month, I have been doing just that. Putting it out on the Elementum Scribe website and happily delivering it in the inboxes of email subscribers. This one month has been a journey of discovery for what works, what doesn’t be it for the Scribe or for me to keep on with the habit.

If you have liked my writing and perspectives, then I would urge you to go on to the website and take a look. Even better, subscribe to the newsletter to get your updates about the world of Indian business as well as important updates on world happenings delivered right to your inbox every morning Monday to Friday.

What happens to Elementum Money?

First up, my apologies. Getting Elementum Scribe up and running has taken more work than I imagined it would.

At Elementum Money I remain committed to putting out one piece every week on Personal Finance, Personal Growth and the books straddling the two domains. Yes, I might sometimes slip up on that commitment but I will come right back to it.

In the end, all I will say is I hope you give as much love to Elementum Scribe as you have to Elementum Money so far. In case of any feedback, I am always ears, be it at or (Psst… team in the email ID really refers only to me)