Elementum Money is one of the few fee-based holistic financial planning and advisory service in India catering to Millennials and Post-Millennials. It is run by Aparna Aggarwal who is an Individual SEBI Registered Investment Advisor or RIA. Hence, by mandate the only interests served in this relationship are yours.

Elementum, a Latin word is often used to describe the five base elements of nature – fire, water, earth, wind or space. These five elements are the constituents of almost everything around us.

The intent with Elementum Money always remains to simplify financial decisions and work with the basic building blocks for a strong foundation. Unlike other old-school wealth management firms, this is a safe place of non-judgemental money conversations and charting the way forward. So, why wait? Let’s talk.

Our Journey

The thought for Elementum Money was sparked by noticing how confusing and muddling managing money can sometimes be. People believe money is simply a matter of facts and numbers. However, recent research suggests money is a much more integral and very emotional aspect of our lives. We learn what we see, and our experience through our life defines our financial mindset, spending habits and even how we feel about money.

Elementum Money was born in October 2017 as a financial literacy blog to talk about finance matters in a simple, relatable, non-intimidating manner. But, Personal Finance is personal for a reason. Real value can be added only with customised solutions and helping people take action. With that thought in mind, this space morphed into a SEBI-registered Investment Advisor.

Want to chat up about any niggling money query, feel free to whatsapp me on
+91 9082199831 or drop in an email at aparna@elementummoney.com


Aparna Aggarwal

Aparna Aggarwal is an individual Registered Investment Advisor. Armed with an MBA degree from NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies), Mumbai she started her career as a marketer.

Over time, she realised that her calling lay in understanding money and helping people do the same. Thus started her journey of transition. She became a Certified Financial Planner in early 2018. She followed it up with a stint of helping HNI clients at a private bank manage their investment portfolios. Having earned her stripes, she is now a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor to help people in their financial lives.

Our Philosophy

In life we tend to get on a hamster wheel, losing sight of what’s important. Our financial lives are often a victim of this tendency to let things happen to us.

At Elementum Money, we help you streamline your financial life. In the process of making a financial plan and executing it with us, you also start seeing things with much more clarity.

Instead of looking at it as an instrument of transaction, money will become an enabler of dreams.

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