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In my attempt to continuously improve myself, I have realized having some broad-based resolutions as a guiding path to the new year really help. In this last of the year end series of posts, it made sense for me to end with a short post about some New Year resolutions that I hope to use a guiding factor in my year ahead:

Resolution #1: Complete projects started in the last year

One of the biggest projects that I started with last year was a Fiction novel. Chunking it into small sized bites of a target of 1000 words each day helped me write a substantial amount last year. While I wanted to have it ready to be sent out in 2018, I aim to complete it and have it published this year. The dream of having bulk stacks of my book at stores across the country is something I have nurtured across many years now.

Resolution #2: Continue with good practices initiated last year

On a personal level, I believe 2018 was quite kind to me. I ended up with some good habits like bullet journaling, reading good fiction and non-fiction books, writing my vision multiple times a week and working out atleast 2-3 times a week. Regular exercise also made it a relatively injury-free year for me, making the correlation quite clear in my head. In 2019, rather than reinventing the wheel, I want to ensure I continue with the good practices of last year.

Resolution #3: Build up in slow steady steps with a long term vision

I have grand long-term goals of which all of them will not be achieved in the current year. However, most of them require consistent and steady efforts. In this year, I hope to work towards setting up a platform to help springboard to greater heights even if it means 2020 might be the year of more visible achievement with 2019 being more of the year of setting things up.

Do my resolutions sound too cryptic? Let’s just say I have chosen to make it more broad based which can then work as a lens to view most of my actions through. If at the end of 2019, I can look forward to 2020 being the year of big things to come, that is something I will count as a successful New Year for me.

Do you have New Year resolutions? Are they more broad based or very specific? Let me know your views in the comments below.