Millennials – it sure has become quite the buzz word today. To me, it also has a certain ring to it that sets it apart from the earlier names like Gen X, Gen Y etc. However, despite all the buzz around the terminology as well the reams of research done on the generation, very little of the conventional finance communication really talks to them.

Broke Millennial is a blog which aims to address precisely this gap. I first heard Erin Lowrie across multiple podcasts at the time of promoting her book – Broke Millennial. I found her to be honest and smart and someone to learn from.

What I love about it: While there are quite a few Millennial-focussed personal finance authorities there, Broke Millennial is the first one that I came across. Safe to say, I found her posts pretty relevant to me and my stage in life.

What is really cool is that enough of her posts are inspired by and peppered with personal anecdotes, also including her significant other Peach.

One big post: I was sifting through my list of her favourite posts and there was really no room for doubt. It’s gotta be – Don’t be a 20-something idiot. I really loved her point-by-point picking apart of the article “If you have savings in your 20s, you are doing something wrong”.

In some ways I think I have lived the first few years of my working life in a blur. While I was earning peanuts, I wasn’t doing anything to save even their shells. Now, that I sort of evaluate every opportunity with respect to what it means for money spent, I do wonder if I am not just letting this possible time for frivolous behavior go. That is where such posts help to keep one on track. While I will not completely ruin the suspense by talking about all the reasons through which she picks apart the article, I will just quote my favourite line from this post:

Not to be melodramatic, but history isn’t made by those out bar hopping in New York City in their early twenties, spending a month’s worth of groceries on buying a few rounds, then drunkenly hailing an Uber and screaming YOLO when it’s 3x surge pricing.

Other 2 personal favourite posts from Broke Millennial:

  1. Should you tell your friends your financial picture?
  2. The one where someone else’s dad teaches me about money

You can reach her through her Website, Facebook page or Twitter handle.