Follow Friday – First Page

Today’s follow Friday “blog” that I refer to is different. Surprisingly, it is a part of the equity research website – Value Research Online. Called First Page, this blog is written by the founder of Value Research online – Dhirendra Kumar. Today in India, we pretty much romanticize the start-up culture. However, when I set […]

Follow Friday – Dear Debt

Debt. The one word which elicits a myriad of emotions. Debt. An enabling yet a blow-in-the-guts instrument. Debt. A long-term binding spiral that can easily get out of control. If you relate to any of the above statements, then you are not alone. Today there is a large number of people who are coming out […]

Top 5 Spend Tracker Apps

Phew! I just completed one of my first experiments thanks to Elementum Money. As promised I filled in my exact spends for a month in 5 chosen manual spend tracking apps for a one-month test run. The results are out! CHALLENGES DURING THE QUEST It was not easy. Not only is a new (good) habit […]