My Favorite Personal Finance Ads

  Being a marketer for a bank, I end up looking at competition communication often. I have always loved advertisements, especially the witty and insightful ones. I realized that I am yet to come across any Personal Finance blogger talking about some of the wonderful work done by the industry so far and decided to […]

The Frugality Philosophy

  As I have understood more of the Personal Finance blogosphere I have come to realize there are different kinds of blogs within Personal Finance too. While some like mine cover all possible topics under the sun, including another passion there are a few blogs which are pretty focused on one topic within Personal Finance. […]

Book Club – How Rich People Think

  Books remain my favorite medium of learning. With my shift to 2-post-a-week blog schedule, I realized the one piece that I have missed out writing on has been Book Club! The good thing is that now the learnings from Personal Finance books will be interspersed with those from Self Development. It is only fitting […]

Dating and Money

Dating and Money

For a long time, I had been considering the idea of exploring the multiple facets of money in the life stage of dating. Granted, my ideas and personal experience about dating might be a little outdated considering it’s now almost 7 years since I first started dating my husband and almost 4 since we got […]