Dating and Money

Dating and Money

For a long time, I had been considering the idea of exploring the multiple facets of money in the life stage of dating. Granted, my ideas and personal experience about dating might be a little outdated considering it’s now almost 7 years since I first started dating my husband and almost 4 since we got […]

Varied Colors of Money

This is the week in 2018, when we Indians will celebrate my second favorite festival, after Diwali. In 2 days, it is the time to celebrate Holi, the beautiful festival of colors. Just like Diwali, it is also a celebration of good over evil, said evil being an aunt in the protagonist’s own family. However, […]

Thinking fast and slow

Book Club – Thinking Fast and Slow

Thinking fast and slow is a legendary book which explores the intersection between psychology and economics. You might be wondering, how exactly do psychology and economics intersect? The book urges you to think of the rational human we encounter in our economics theory and the emotional humans that we encounter in real life. The psychology […]

Book Club – Think And Grow Rich

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich is probably the definition of a timeless book. Published in 1937, by Napoleon Hill, even 80 years after being published, it remains on the must-read list of most leadership and personal finance gurus. The book was commissioned by […]